Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Last week I had the honor of viewing the sneak peek of the new fashion lines from Crimson Shadow and Carnival of Doom.

This was an absolute heavenly experience, even if the showing was in the "Pits of Hell" I know the wish list for myself and several other attendees has gotten longer.
Here are a few of my Faves:

First was the latex corset and top hat outfit created my Moxie Polano. Who wouldn't want to be dominated by a woman wearing this. Plus Moxie provided the entire outfit from Hat to boots. Its a one stop shop experience.

For the men Hyacinth Tiramisu created this awesome Parlari Suit. I am a sucker for men in black eyeliner to be sure and if this Model hadn't been my little brother I am sure I would have had dirty thoughts. I especially loved the leaf and vines accent on the chest in lieu of buttons.

Plus it kepts getting better and better. I snapped more pics then I know what to do with. The designers used the most amazing textures..No flat black here. Take a look at this little lolita number...

The skirt and lace is just beyond.. (Not to mention the sexy niv modeling it)

And of course what is a fashion show with our the piece de resistance the wedding gown....

The layers of satin with a gorgeous train and the top hat veil.. See what I mean about heavenly?

OK so I gush way to much. Massive Kudos go to Emee Flanagan who organized this show along with the fantastic models, Bright Jacobus, Nivaya Barbosa and Silky Trilling.

Oh and yes all the new items can be found for sale now at Crimson Shadows. So be sure to check it out.. Its just what your darker, sexier side needs.