Wednesday, March 5, 2008


About a month ago I took a position as an event planner in a medieval /fantasy roleplay sim called the Realm of Triskele. I fell so in love with this beautiful sim I actually moved there in my own little home by the sea..

Why do I bring this up? Quite simple being in a Medieval Sim requires you dress the part. I already had quite a few dresses, but this gave me an excuse to expand my wardrobe. While peeking in Market Square I came across a small corner call Evie's Closet. Her gowns are pure fantasy and luxery with rich exquisite textures and layers. The Creator is Evangeline Miles, who I found to be a very sweet woman and I would like to show you today some of her outfits.

The first I show you is called the Chimera Gown in Azure. Evie has a variety of colors to rich jewel tones.. This dress with a jeweled belt and flowy sheer sleeves and skirt. This pic is of me however she does include a notecard to tell you how she accessorized the gown in her displays.

The next gown is her Imperial Moon Gown. I have included a close up of the bodice as well so you can see the detailing as well. She also has this gown with Sun tones as well.

I just love the pattern on the bodice and upper skirt...

Evangelines work is Romance Personified. I would encourage you to see more of her items at her store. Also she has been great about giving gorgeous Limited Edition Items to her group such as the Chimera Dress in Diamond.