Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I was elated (see what I did there?) to discover that my friend Kellie Iwish has finally gotten off her arse and opened up a store called Elate! (NOW do you see what I did there? >.>) When she showed me the furniture she made, originally for her own house, what really struck me was that although the design was simple, the textures really made it stand out, bright bold retro-ish hand-drawn fabrics with beautiful shading. A week or so later she dropped a shirt she'd made on me,
which had the exact same beatiful texturing and shading, and a wonderful quirky style, and now, now a store! Only small just yet, but here are some of the goodies you can pick up:

The gorgeous sunshiney 'Retro Stripes Living Room Set', notice the fantastic vintage Vogue magazines on the coffee table, and the yummy looking glasses of pink lemonade, which you can pick up with their perdy stripey tray for free, 
to bring a little bit of summer into this dreary February time which is so dreary and...February.

And as for her clothes, they're a mixed-bag of assorted retro-y goodness, with the same beautiful texturing and style that her furniture has, here modelled by CEO of Timeless modelling agency, Emee Flanagan, who after this photoshoot whined that she 'didn't want to be a model anymorrrrrrrrrrre'. It's tough being beautiful.

First up is the goodgirly 'Lillie' dress, with a high neckline, capped sleeves, high-waisted knee-length A-line skirt with buttony detaily thing on the stomach, and comes with opaque black tights.

Next is the sexy 'Mae' dress, a white moddish minidress with a white and black rose-patterned lace overlay for that bit of modesty, giving the neckline of the sheer bodice an elegant, almost Audrey Hepburn-esque quality, or something like that, and has sheer black tights included 
so you don't look like you've wandered out in your underwear.

Finally the rockabillytastic Roxane shirt is a long leopard print halter-neck top with a cropped black waistcoat over it, it was the first iten of clothing Kellie made for SL, and works surprisingly well with big tutu-y skirts, but maybe that's just me...

You can visit Kellie's store if you're so inclined (I recommend it, she's got a bedroom set out there now too!) at Elate Fine Furniture and Fashions